Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I have named him 'HOOTY'.

So, my owl was back again today.  I hear them every day, but I haven't seen one lately.  I suppose with the cooler weather, they are on the hunt for mice and other rodents who are on the move looking for warmer climates (like my house!).  This guy was atop of the neighbors garage that borders my backyard and he was sleeping until I was rude enough to wake him up.  Note the perturbed look on his face.  I hope he stays around.  He's beautiful and I'm sure he will be a mouse repellant.  I like mice even less than the woodchuck.


Jeanne Craine said...

What a cool photo, Cris! What do Max and Sophie think of Hooty?

Cristina Leonard said...

Max is indifferent, as he is about many things and Sophie has staring contests with Hooty through the bedroom window. I think she's trying to figure out if Hooty is edible.