Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This is so disgusting and I only share it with you now because, well, it's gross and wanted to share!  Sunday was my birthday, (more on that later) and we went to my parents house for the day to celebrate.  When we got home later that night, our house was full of these hideous things!  I have no idea where they came from, but they were everywhere.  It was like something from the Amityville Horror (remember that creepy scene with the flies?)!  I'm not usually the kind of girl that's afraid of bugs.  In fact, I'm the person who takes spiders outside when I find them in the house.  But, OMG! these things were huge!   The cats even seemed weirded out by them. They were about the size of a dime.  Paul and I were running around the house, swatting them while they dive bombed us.  I think all in all we squashed 20 of them.  Just when I thought they were all gone, I when up to my studio, and there were 5 or 6 up there.  I think they are all gone now.  It's been two days since we've seen any, so I hope that's it.  EW!  I am still so grossed out.  I Googled "GINORMOUS FLIES" and found out that these were horse flies.  One helpful person in an insect chat room (yes, an insect chat room) suggested to a person with a similar infestation, that perhaps they have a body hidden somewhere in their house and that they should try to find it and get rid of it, and this should solve the problem.  The internet is so helpful.


Gail said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I have to write the date down so I remember it next year. I'm sorry but I started laughing about the flys...I had this Amityville image in my head of these flys following you around.

Cristina Leonard said...

I'm glad that my infestation was amusing to you .