Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Obsessive eggshell mosaics, hand-painted with acrylic and 24 karat gold paint.

Russian poetry, hand-painted and embedded in resin.

Resin earrings with Greek script, hand-painted with acrylic and 24 karat gold paint.

I'm going to teach a resin workshop in November and that got me thinking about pieces I've made in the past.  I work almost exclusively in metal, especially silver, some 24 karat gold and lately, bronze.  Last year I had a few weeks where I became unreasonably obsessed with resin.  I made bezels out of anything that I could find.  I used bottle caps, mint tins, seed pods, brass bezels and then I graduated to sterling silver bezels that I soldered rings to.   When I was a kid in the 70's, resin was huge.  We made countless paperweights with coins and flowers embedded in them.  I remember my sister Cindi and I making all kinds of stuff with our Dad.  I think memories of those good times might be at the heart of the resin obsession.  Plus, it's just fun!  

This resin-y obsession burned it's self out rather quickly, but lately I've been think about getting the old resin bottle out again.  This time I can't allow myself to abandon everything else for resin.  I have two shows before the end of the year to get ready for and I can't be playing!  I'll just have to get it out of my system in the workshop!


Karen Elmquist said...

Cris! I love these! I want to take your resin workshop!!!

Cristina Leonard said...

Thanks Karen! Any time you want to venture down here from the Great White North, you are always welcome!

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