Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Barbell Fringe Earrings from tonight's class.

Julie's wire crochet necklace with some of my charms mixed in.

Julie's earrings with some of my charms.

I taught a Barbell Fringe earring class at Bead Haven in Cedar Rapids tonight.  Everyone did very well.  I like this class because you end up with something pretty when you're done and it's a really non-threatening introduction to using a torch.

Before class tonight I got a chance to visit with Julie Campbell.  I don't get a chance to see Julie very often and that's too bad because she's lots of fun (she also works at a bakery and brings the best treats!).  Julie and Jeanne Craine both teach bead weaving classes at Bead Haven.  The store is lucky to have two such talented weaving instructors!

Julie brought a few pieces to the store that she has made using some of my fine silver components.  I've got to take one of her classes!

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