Sunday, June 19, 2011


Dad, at one of his and Mom's many woodcarving shows.

I haven't posted in a long time. I've been at the Bead and Button Show and been doing other stuff, but I promise to get back to it as I have lots to show you and tell you about. That is if there's still anybody out there who reads this : ).
Most of you who read this or who know me, know that a few months ago my sisters and Paul and I and Dad's countless friends were left devastated by his loss. He was a great man who was a rare combination of humor, patience (sometimes not with inanimate objects!) and compassion. He was funny and smart and so talented. In my experience, he knew everything. I could literally call him and ask him how to do most anything and he would know how to do it. I miss that and find myself wanting to ask him something everyday. I will miss him and Mom until I am also gone. I hope that I can honor both of them with my life by trying to be as good a friend and teacher as they both were to everyone that they knew. I've talked to many people who were students (and friends) of Dad's, so I know what they thought of him as a teacher. I went to many of Mom and Dad's woodcarving shows and watched them share information openly,patiently, and generously with people. I loved that about both of them.