Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been such a hermit lately, that I didn't realize that I have an all day resin workshop that is fast approaching.  The workshop is at Bead Haven in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Saturday, February 28th.  This is going to be such a treat for me to get away from making things out of metal for a day.  I've taught a few resin classes already, but this will be the first all day one so far.  We've had a lot of fun in the classes that I've done so far. If there's been one thing that I haven't liked about them, it's that the class seems to over just as we're really getting started.  The extra time should really help to get everyone's creativity going.  I have some really cool things for us to use as bezels this time, including rings, brass and pewter earring bezels, pewter and brass pendants, bottle caps and some unconventional goodies too!  I have some really cool papers and fun bits and pieces to embed into the resin too.  Give the store a call if you're interested in Saturday's class.

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