Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sophie was happy to see us.

Well, we got home a little later than we expected.  In Dallas we changed planes for the final leg of our journey.  We were pulling away from the gate, when we heard strange noises coming form the front of the plane.  The flight attendant came on the speaker and loudly said, "That sound is not normal".  That's not a phrase one likes to hear the flight attendant utter.  We pulled back to the gate and our pilot informed us that the ground crew felt that it was a fan and they'd have it fixed straight away.  After a bit, he came back on an said that in fact it was much more serious, that it was a problem with the hydraulic steering and we would need to change planes.  While I don't like delays, I was happy to change as it was a hydraulic steering problem that caused the accident in 1989 where the plane tumbled across the runway at the Sioux City airport.  So after a bit we got a new plane and made it home safe and sound.  Sophie hasn't left my lap all night, so I haven't even had a chance to look at all of my Tucson goodies!  Oh, well.  At least I have something to look forward to!  Bead pictures tomorrow.


Colleen J. Stella said...

Thank God you changed planes! Sounds like a great trip... but it's also great to get home I'm sure. Now rest for a day... AND MAKE LOTS OF STUFF!

Jeanne Craine said...

Welcome back! I bet Sophie is so happy to have you both home!

Karen Elmquist said...

Sophie is so pretty! Glad you're home safely and I can't wait to see some of your goodies!