Thursday, February 12, 2009


Bronze, fresh from the tumbler.

New toggle getting ready to be made into a bracelet.

I love the colors that you can get by heat patination of bronze.

A new toggle made from one of my newly carved molds.

A hand-carved bronze toggle.

I've been getting ready for some upcoming shows and have been making lots of bronze pieces.  I usually make lots of things and then tumble and finish them all in one big group.  I love the picture with all of the bronze pieces jumbled together.  It sort of looks like pirate booty, doesn't it?  I've often wondered how others work.  Do you make all sorts of components and then assemble them all into lots of pieces of jewelry?  Or are you the type that makes just a few things and then assembles things as you go?  The latter is probably a more organized approach, but I've never been able to work that way.  I prefer to have piles of pieces to choose from as I'm assembling pieces.  Just greedy, I guess.


cindi's blahg blahg blahg said...

You don't know how badly I want to be in Santa Fe in March! Your pirate booty is the best! You will do awesome! (Too many exclamation marks?)

Gail said...