Tuesday, February 3, 2009


No matter how many times I stand by one of these babies, I never stop being amazed!

Me, Jill, Anne, Bria and Gail looking over what I bought this week!

Gail showing us her kits that she is selling at the Whole Bead Show, starting tomorrow.

When you look like this, it's time to go home.

Today, our last day here, we took another drive out to the desert to visit our old friends, the cacti.  We drove out over Gates Pass, though the Tucson Mountain Park and into the Saguaro National Park.  I always love doing this.  There is so much beauty in the desert.  I think some people see only brown and prickly, but it really isn't like that at all.  Well, prickly, yes, but there is also color and texture everywhere you look. In the spring, the whole place will be alive with flowers. 
After our trip out to the desert, I went to the Gem Mall Show.  All I can say is, wow.  This was the biggest show that I've ever been to.  It was giant tent after tent of gemstone beads.  After a while, it's just overwhelming.  I bought a few great things there, one of which was a magnificent strand of red chalcedony faceted beads.  They were so beautiful, but out of my price range, as they were great quality, but also a double length strand.  Another woman at the same booth was eyeing them and we sort of looked at each other and made a little deal of our own to split them and the cost between us.  We talked for a bit and it turns out that she'll be at the show in Santa Fe that I will be at next month.  We made a date to have dinner together.  Thanks for splitting with me Linda!
I didn't make it through even half of the show, when it was time to go and meet friends for dinner.  That was ok though, I've spent quite enough money on this trip, though, I really did stay on task.  Paul and I met up with Anne and Bria again as well as Gail Moore and Jill Wiseman for another great dinner at Cafe Poca Cosa.  I really could eat here 3 times a week.  We had a fun time and then went back to Anne's house for a bit to look over my treasures that I found at all of the shows.  It was great to see Gail and Jill because I hadn't seen either since the Bead and Button Show last June.  Both women are very nice people with big talent and even bigger hearts.  Check out Gail's work at www.gailcrosmanmoore.com.  See Jill's work at www.tapestrybeads.com.
I've had a great time here in Tucson.  It's hard to believe that the shows are really just gearing up.  I feel like I've walked a million miles and seen every bead and gemstone in the world.  Of course, I haven't.  That's the amazing thing about these shows.  You see things that you've never seen before and certainly couldn't have conceived of in your wildest imagination.  Good luck to all the vendors at all of the shows, but most especially to my friends Anne, Jill and Gail!  It's been a great time.  Time to go home now.  

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