Monday, February 9, 2009


Mary, texturing some copper with a flex-shaft.

Allison, polishing a textured brass disc.

Cindi, looking like she might hurt me!

Rosalee, putting a mighty fine texture on that brass!

Rosalee, applying texture with a steel stamp.

Mary using the two-hole punch, one of my favorite tools.

Some people, like Cindi, are over-achievers.

Allison's finished pieces.  I love that satin finish on the bottom pieces.

Rosalee's finished pieces. My favorites are on the upper right.

Mary wins the award for best heat-patination of the evening!

Tonight, I taught a metal-forming and texturing class at Bead Haven.  We had so much fun.  I swear that women love using tools, especially power tools even more than men do.  I know that's not the usual perception, but every time I teach a class involving hammers, torches, saws, flex-shafts, etc., the students have the best time.  Which always makes it so much more fun for me.  There's nothing better that a class full of really interested, engaged people.  I can completely relate, because I do so love all of my tools!  Thanks for making class so much fun tonight, ladies!


Gail said...

That heat patina looks nice....and Cindi does look like she is going to beat you with that hammer.

Jeanne Craine said...

Great results from your students!! AND, I love the lime chartruse green wall against the black background of your blog!!!