Sunday, December 7, 2008


Last night I went out with some friends for a few adult beverages and to hear Iowa City blues, honkey tonk icon, David Zollo.  Dave is a nice guy with an incredible talent, and if you've never heard his music, I'm kind of sorry for you.  Dave formed a band in the early 90's called High and Lonesome, very coolly named after the Jimmy Reed song with the same name.  They were so amazing.  Think Rolling Stones mixed with rock/country alt thrown in for good measure.  After 3 great recordings, 200 shows a year, scary health problems and whatever other band drama that might have occurred, Hi Lo broke up and Dave went solo.  He has since recorded 3 solo albums including The Morning Is A Long Way From Home, whose title track is still one of my favorite songs, bar none.  Dave has also played on countless other's recordings, including the legendary Greg Brown, Bo Ramsey, Dave Moore and Joe Price.  Dave will be at the Mill in Iowa City on New Year's Eve and it's guaranteed to be a great time.  Do yourself a favor and go see him and buy a CD or two.  You won't be sorry.

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