Monday, December 15, 2008


Bria toasting finals week with carrot-ginger juice, wearing one of my bronze pendants for luck!

Lately, I've been thinking about all of the friends that I've made directly and indirectly from my jewelry business.  People that I really can't imagine not being in my life.  Bria is one of those friends who lives far away but is close to my heart.  Isn't it amazing where life takes you?   I can't imagine doing anything else now, but I certainly once did.   I had a conversation a while back with my friend Gail who was sad that she didn't find her bliss sooner in life.  I said that I thought that all that other stuff that we do first is part of the journey of who we are.  I think without that we wouldn't be doing what we are now and certainly wouldn't appreciate it as much.  I know this is true for me and that I wouldn't have met all of the great people that I have in the last few years!

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