Friday, January 16, 2009


What the *%@$! is up with this weather!?  We broke all kinds temperature records in the last couple of days.  The night before, last wind chills were -51 degrees!  This is the lowest temperature recorded since they started keeping records 136 year ago.  Last night was not much better, but today we will climb above zero to 5 whole degrees!  We are so not used to this.  Last year was a horrible period of record setting weather in our state.  We had the most snow that most of us could remember,  a very wet spring, and an F5 tornado that destroyed the town of Parkersburg, killing 8 people.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't done yet because in June we the 15 wettest days in state history.  The wet weather lead to the flooding that devastated much of Eastern Iowa, with the worst damage coming to Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.  The damage estimates are around 10 billion dollars, with the University of Iowa suffering 250 million dollars damage alone.  As if all that weren't enough, late in June there was another tornado in western Iowa that struck the Little Sioux Boy Scout camp killing 4 scouts.  All in all there were 105 tornadoes across Iowa, with 98 of Iowa's 99 counties experiencing severe weather.  Now, we're having this ridiculous freezy weather.  I think we've had our share.  It makes even the most skeptical among us begin to question the possibility of man-made causes for this freakish period of weather.  
Well, to all my friends east of here, brace yourselves for the cold, it's coming your way!

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