Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, I'm off to Tucson to see friends and to go to the Gem Show.  I know, I suck.  You'd be about the 10th person to tell me that just today.  You see, it's January in Iowa, so it's only natural that I'd suffer a little abuse.  I completely understand it.  
 I'm looking for good quality faceted gemstone beads for making earrings and necklaces to go with my silver and bronze pieces.  If I come back with stuff that I didn't intend to buy, I hope you will all ridicule me.  It's weird how that happens.  You lose all sense of self-control at one of these shows.  I stand around like a tourist with my mouth hanging open for the first half hour or so.  Then I sort of get it together.  I am always stunned by the seemingly infinite variety and beauty of objects from the natural world.  
I hope to post from the show.  Keep you fingers crossed for my self-control and my wallet.

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Suz said...

Have fun. I wish I was there with you looking at all the shiney objects. Maybe next time....