Friday, January 9, 2009


Simple lunch for a lazy day

I was trolling along on the internet the other day, like you do, and I stumbled upon a a blog called "Life In Recipes: A Recipe Refuge".  Now, it's no secret to those who know me that I like reading blogs, all kinds of blogs.  I love blogs written by artists or written about art, blogs about politics, blogs that my friends write, blogs about authors and books, blogs about science, blogs about history, blogs about.... well, you get the picture!  One of my favorite categories of blog has to be, the food blog.  Food blogs are fabulous, they're like food porn!  I love the ones that are written by people who not only share fabulous recipes, but who also can take a really great food photograph.  Taking pictures of food is not easy and even the best tasting dish can end up looking really unpalatable.  The author of this blog, Heidi Robb, is a real foodie who shares recipes, ideas about food and a good measure of herself just for added flavor (sorry about the bad pun!).  Seriously though, if you like reading about food and the way that food is intertwined in our lives and torturing yourself with great looking pictures of food, this is the blog for you!  I'm dying to try her recipe for Secret Sesame Dressing, I always love a secret!  Check out Heidi's blog here.

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