Sunday, July 5, 2009


A not so great photo of tonight's fireworks. 

Maybe Suz can do better.

Doesn't Paul look happy?

We had a great day today.  Visited family, ate lots of great food, then got home just in time to call our friend Suzi and watch the fireworks.  Had a limeade and burger at Sonic (yum!) and went home and got to watch the replay of the prologue first day of the Tour de France.  I'm watching right now, in fact.  I have serious love of watching cycling, especially the Tour, which is weird, since I don't get on a bike too often these days (my Airdyne doesn't count!).  I have watched every day of the Tour for the last several years.  I do love it, so today couldn't get much better!  I hope your day was great too!  
I just watched Lance start his Tour comeback in the time trial and he did great!  Go Lance, go!

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Suz said...

Hey there,
I was able to get a few pictures...go see them on my blog. Thanks for inviting me out for the show! Next year, same time same place.