Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Mary and Nancy, embedding bits and pieces into resin.

Susan, who was visiting from Colorado and her stepmom, Mary.

Nancy, pouring resin one drip at a time into a bottle cap bezel.

Pam giving it a try.

All of our finished pieces!

I had a resin class this afternoon at Bead Haven. I like weekday afternoon classes because it feels like I'm in summer camp doing crafts in the middle of the day! Plus, I got home in time to watch the Tour de France, which I am addicted to. We had a good time picking out papers, transparencies, egg shells, and other little bits to embed into bezels. We had bottle caps, silver plated rings with bezel cups soldered onto them, brass bezels, etc. to play with. I always bring all kinds of things to embed and sometimes people bring some of their own things in. Nancy had lots of cool papers that she kindly shared with us. My favorite was some yellowed pages of an old book of Chinese text. Pam brought a small piece of fabric with an adorable sock monkey on it and used it in a bottle cap pendant that turned out really cute. What is it about sock monkeys? I love them! Everyone made such cute things. Mary made a ring with paisley paper in it that I liked a lot. I also liked Susan's ring that she embedded an old postage stamp in. Pam did a bottle cap with a hula girl that I was very fond of. My favorite of Nancy's was a bezel with a fish jumping out of the sparkly (glittered!) water.
I enjoyed all of the gals and thank them for a great afternoon.
PS. If any fellow bloggers out there know why sometimes my photos wont blow up when you click on them ( Like now! GRRRR!) and how I can fix it, I'd really appreciate your help! Send me an email, if you know the answer. Keep in mind that I'm a little technologically challenged! Thanks- Cris


Gail said...

Losing the ability to click on your pictures has to do with how you are moving them around. If you move them under the compose tab you won't be able to blow them up. You have to go to the html tab and move all the code associated with a picture. Load one picture up and then look at the html code and you will get an idea of what code makes up a picture vs. what you type in as commentary

Cristina Leonard said...

Once I figure out what language you're speaking, I'll try what you're saying, but that still doesn't explain to me why some are clickable and some are not. Thanks Gail!

Cristina Leonard said...

Ok, I think I may have figured this out. Load the photos in the 'edit html' mode and write the text in the 'compose mode'. That seems to work. We'll see!

Gail said...

You can load the photos in the compose mode but if you want to move them around you should do it in the html mode. Highlight cut and paste in html. Then go to the compose mode and clean the text up