Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This photo is from an earlier class, but I forgot to take one this afternoon.

Clockwise from the top, Barbara's cuff and copper discs with the dots, Connie's dragonfly, copper cross-hatched discs and large hammered domed and heat patinaed discs, and David's triangular pendant and domed 'optical illusion' discs.

I taught two classes at Bead Haven today. First, I did the slide tube bracelet class and then later in the afternoon I taught an ever popular, acid etching class. Everybody did great job. I never get tired of acid etching. I think it'd because you never really know what you're going to get. I think it's exciting.
I've still been playing around with the enamels for the last few days. They're really intriguing. I think it's one of those great things that's so easy to play with, but you could spend your whole life becoming accomplished at it. I'm really enjoying it, but I need to get back to real work and get some jewelry put together with all of the parts that I've been making the last few weeks.

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Ruh-u meyyit said...

May it be easy.Just wonderful...