Saturday, July 11, 2009


Paul, hiding behind 12 of our 36 tomato plants.

The view from our patio. Please don't look at the weeds!

A friendly little pollen drunk visitor. There's beauty everywhere, isn't there?

Paul and I spent the day working in our yard. After days of excessive heat and then unbelievable torrential rains, the gardens remind me of that show on the History Channel, 'Life After People'. Let's just say, I haven't been keeping up with the work. If you know me personally, you know that I don't like hot weather. A few of my friends and relatives (you know who you are!) have even implied that I am not as nice as I could be when I am hot. So, anyway, not much has gotten done outside lately. Today was a perfect midsummer day and we did get lots done. Paul chopped up a big branch that fell from one of our trees the other day in another wind storm, while I weeded our front yard. I filled up both of our yard waste barrels and I still have more to go. It looks a lot better though. At least it looks like someone lives here!


Gail said...

You are going to be eye-ball deep in tomatoes :)

Jeanne Craine said...

Wow...Farmer Paul!