Saturday, March 7, 2009


Daisy and Lucy in their Hawkeye gear during football season.

On Wednesday, my friend Cindi's little 4 pound Yorkshire Terrier, Lucy (on the right in the photo) got hit by a pick up truck as she darted across the street after some birds.  Cindi rushed her to the veterinarian hospital, where initially they didn't give her much of a chance.  Miraculously, she didn't have any broken bones, but she did have a closed head injury.  When I saw her at the hospital she was agitated, and sort of semi-conscious.  The vets remained guarded when they didn't see any improvement within the first few hours, in fact they felt that maybe she had deteriorated a bit.
Then something wonderful happened.  Lucy began to show some improvement.  Her pupils were no longer dilated and unequal and the doctors felt that the swelling in her brain was subsiding.  Yesterday they took her off of all of the meds that they had her on and she was able to eat some baby food.  Today, not even 72 hours after the accident, she's going home.  I know that she will have a long and probably difficult recovery and that she might not ever be quite the same again, but that's ok. Her people are ready and willing to take on what ever lies ahead.  
It just goes to show you that you can never judge the size of some one's heart or their spirit by the the size of their 4 pound body.
Cindi has been posting updates about Lucy on her blog, here.


cindi's blahg blahg blahg said...

Loved your blog about little Lucy. She's very lucky to have you as a friend (me too). I updated my blog about her first hours at home. Tomorrow will be another adventure I'm sure.

Karen Elmquist said...

What good news!