Friday, March 13, 2009


Bead Fest opened yesterday.  It was fun and we made some sales, though lots of vendors said that the traffic was slower than in years past.  I haven't done it before, so I don't have much to compare it to.  I met some great people and got a lot of great feed back about my work, so that was nice.  I met a caster from Santa Fe who I talked to about having some of my toggles cast in pewter and sterling.  I didn't remember to grab my camera from under the table at the show, so I won't have photos until tomorrow.  I didn't have a chance to walk around much and see what everyone had to sell, so I hope I get to tomorrow.  I did, however buy a texture hammer from Beaducation.  Does that surprise any of you?


Jeanne Craine said... tool!
Cris, any good margaritas?

Cristina Leonard said...

Oh, maybe one or two, Jeanne!