Sunday, March 1, 2009


Marylynn and Allison contemplating something.

David's future bracelet.  I wonder who will get it when it's done.

Bonnie and her butterflies.

David's clock part ring and Allison's watercolor Koi fish.

At the top, Marylynn's ring with beads embedded in resin.  How cool is that?

Bottle caps galore!

Allison's cool bezel that her friend found on the ground.  

We had a really fun time in class yesterday.  You know it's good when no one, including me wanted to go home!  I know I've said it before, but the creativity of people really amazes me.  The uniqueness of people is apparent when you set them loose on a creative project.  You get a glimpse into their personalities by watching what they come up with.  David's style was to tinker with his teeny watch parts, carefully arranging them inside of bezels.  Bonnie sat quietly reflecting and soaking everything in while she decided which papers and transparencies she wanted to use and which colors of paints she wanted to choose to personalize her pieces and really made them her own.  That reflective nature shone through in the things that she made. Marylynn meticulously arranged seed beads with tweezers into lovely borders around the pictures that she placed in side the bezels.  Allison was wildly prolific, making so many beautiful things in such a short time and her exhuberence really came through in what she made. 
My pictures of the finished pieces were not so great, so if I get back to the store tomorrow before they all pick up their pieces, I'll post some new ones.
Thanks to David, Marylynn, Allison and Bonnie.


Suz said...

Sounds like you guys had a great day! You're always so articulate in your discriptions...making the blog fun to read.

Karen Elmquist said...

You can't even IMAGINE how much I would love to take this class with you!!!!