Friday, June 25, 2010


Samples for the findings class.

Pieces from the last riveting class.

Tomorrow (Saturday), I'll be teaching 2 classes at Bead Haven. The first is a sterling and fine silver ear wire and head pin class at 9am-noon. I'll be showing you how to form and finish all these ear wires, plus some others, if we have time. The ear wires will be formed from sterling wire and the head pins are made from fine silver. Making your own ear wires is great skill to have whether you want to make your own to save money or you want to make special ones that aren't readily available commercially.
The second class is a sweet little riveted, textured copper pendant with a fine silver bail. This is a fun introduction to the skill of riveting and has been a popular class. The pendant class is from 1-4 in the afternoon. Please call the store at 319-247-2323, if you are interested in one or both of the classes.

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