Friday, June 25, 2010


Oscar is one special cat.
(Photo by Associated Press)

Sometimes I get frustrated with modern medicine. While I know that the intent is good, it seems that the more good that we try to do, the more trouble that we cause. For example, prescribing drugs whose side effects require more drugs to control those side effects and so on, and so on, and so on. Having said that, believe me, I'm grateful to have such brilliant and caring minds working for societies' greater good (I'm married to one of those people after all!). When I see a story like this one all that frustration melts away. Medical science truly can produce miracles. Check out Oscar the bionic cat here. I just want to give that veterinarian in the video a hug!


Niki said...

That is so cool, but man, I bet those legs cost the owner a pretty penny!

Cristina Leonard said...

Nikki, actually, I think the doctors and the engineers did the work gratis as a research opportunity. I'm sure it would cost a lot, I'd find a way to pay for it (even if it meant going into debt) if it were my kitties.