Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hand-carved bronze "shields" waiting to be made into earrings.

Well, another Fall Open House at Bead Haven has come and gone. I want to thank all who came out and made it such a success. Friday night there were so many people that I didn't get a chance to talk to you all. I'm always sort of sad when the open house is over. I really work hard to get ready for it and I look forward to it a lot. Thank you to Cindi for having me and working so hard to make it special, and to Suzi for all your help, you really are a good friend. And a special thank you to Susan, who bought my favorite necklace. I know it will have a good home with you.


Gail said...

I think we are channeling each other...did you see my post on the 17th...African Shields. Great Minds... I have a few more to fire.

Gail said...

BTW...I really like the carvings you did. I want to try more of that

Cristina Leonard said...

I always say Gail, crazy is as crazy does! I like yours a lot too. Very cool. I based some of my carvings on markings I have seen on masks from Burkina Faso in West Africa. Bronze just lends it's self to this kind of work, doesn't it?