Saturday, October 3, 2009


Photos from last Saturday's enamel class.

More enamels.

Calla Lily Pendant.

Resin Hearts.

I had a busy week. I taught three classes (enameling, a metal clay calla lily pendant and a resin class), helped Cindi put together enamels for Bead Haven's enameling kits, picked and canned the last of the tomatoes from my garden, did a bunch of paperwork (which I hate more than I can say), started the daunting task of cleaning the studio. Oh yeah, and then there's the new kitten. She's so sweet and hilarious, but I had forgotten about the energy of kittens. Sophie was already almost full grown when we got her. We got Maxie when he was 7 weeks old, but that was 20 years ago and time hazes over all of the wildness. Actually, she's been very good so far, but you have to keep an eye on her. She's already pried open the door of an access panel in the bathroom and climbed into the wall. I could hear her meowing from very far away. Luckily she's highly motivated by food and that's how I coaxed her out. Then she crawled beneath a cabinet and nearly got her head stuck (I had visions of crowbars!). She's a little Houdini. So, I'm tired and there is a football game tomorrow (GO HAWKS!) and I am teaching an all-day enameling workshop on Sunday at Bead Haven. I think i should go to bed. Any bets on how long Lily will let me sleep in?

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