Thursday, October 8, 2009


Lily, on her toilet paper bed.

Sophie and Lily together on their Lily-proofed chair.

1. No matter how much money you spend on a heated, orthopedic foam cat bed, said cat will always prefer to sleep in a basket of toilet paper rolls.

2. Just because a kitten weighs only 2 pounds, don't think that you can clip her toe nails without an extra pair of hands (and maybe a pair of oven mitts!). If you do decide to do this alone, have some Band-Aids on hand. Seriously.

3. The cuter you are, the easier it is to get your way.


Susan Dilger said...

You are a wise woman! :-) I have a lot of the same going on. I find that sometimes the lumpier and scratchier the cat bed, the better! And the cuteness thing? Boy, does it get mine out of trouble!

Your Lilly (and Sophie!) are really adorable. Give them a smootch for me!

Gail said...

I know I prefer a toilet paper bed.

Wendy said...

Ahhh, you are learning oh wise one!
The smaller they are the more trouble they get into! The toilet paper bed is really something you should think about selling!
She is adorable! Now you have to figure out how to outsmart her on that toenail clipping.

Anne E. Mitchell said...

Well that was a good morning laugh this morning. I asked both Niki & Alex and they agreed that your findings are correct. That Lilly is a nice addition to the family I cannot wait to meet her. Kiss Miss Sophie for me please!

Niki said...

I hear ya on the nails! That's a team project that my husband and I have to do together :-P As for the cat bed, I'll never buy one. My cat much prefers hard books and tile floors over soft things like pillows and blankets, so I have a feeling that a bed would be a waste of money. Silly kitties!