Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A beautiful grouping of Karen's Pod Vessels From Another Planet!

I think these are so beautiful.

The vessels are hollow and wearable and have fine silver collars.

The tallest of her vessels is 4 1/2 inches tall!

I just wanted to take a minute to to congratulate my good friend, Karen Elmquist for being accepted into the Bead Dreams competition for 2009.  Bead Dreams is a juried competition and exhibit sponsored by Bead and Button Magazine.  The accepted pieces will be displayed at the Bead and Button Show this June in Milwaukee.  The winner scores some nice prizes, but more importantly some serious exposure and props from their peers (that's never a bad thing!).
Karen is an extraordinary lamp worker from Canada.  She obviously works really hard at her art.  She is also a very sweet, generous and kind-spirited person.  She's also a bit of a kindred spirit of mine, in that she's always searching the ground for something shiny to pick up!  She's definitely one of the good guys and I really hope she wins.
Check out her work and her blog here.
Thanks to Karen for the use of her photos.


Jeanne Craine said...

These are fantastic! I have not seem her work before-just stunning!

Karen Elmquist said...

DUDE! You made me cry!!

Blogger said...
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