Thursday, February 26, 2009


Somewhere in Illinois.  I guess it was too early for Cindi.

Julie, looking wide awake.

Cindi looks like she was on a mission.


Julie and Cindi picking out things for the store.

Yesterday, I went on a road trip with my friends, Cindi and Julie.  Cindi owns a bead store and a few times a year she heads to Chicago to a huge wholesale warehouse to hand pick things for her store.  She's been kind enough to bring me along on a few occasions, and yesterday we were joined by Julie Campbell.  Julie is one of the bead weaving teachers at Bead Haven, Cindi's store.  We had a great time picking out beads.  It's amazing how long it takes, but there's just so much variety out there.  I think it was especially fun for Julie, as she'd never been there before.  I think I saw a crazy, wild look in her eyes a couple of times when she wasn't looking!  I like to go because Cindi's  a lot of fun and besides, it's always fun to help spend other people's money!  Soon, she'll have all of her new goodies up and for sale in the store so go check it out when she does.

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