Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Acid etched texture plates from an earlier class.

Heart-shaped bezels, filled with hand painted papers and resin.

I have 2 classes coming up at Bead Haven this month. I haven't had any classes for a while, so I'm really looking forward to these. The first class on Tuesday, February 15th is an acid etching class. In this class you have the choice of making an etched sheet of copper for texturing metal clay (the textured sheet can also be cut up and fabricated into jewelry if you're not the metal clay type) or copper and brass blanks in many different shapes for making into earrings and pendants. We'll spend the first part of the class working out designs and transferring them onto our metal. While the pieces are in the etching solution there will be time to break out the hammers and learn some other texturing methods as well. After the pieces are etched we'll clean them up and you'll take them home the same night. This class is a really fun and safe introduction to acid etching.
The next class is on Tuesday February 22nd and is a fun resin class. Bead Haven has a variety of bezels, including the heart-shaped ones shown above to fill with your creations. I will have a large variety of papers and transparencies to embed in resin or you can bring something of your own too. I will also have copies of texts for you to hand paint and personalize like the heart pendants shown in the photo if you prefer.
Both classes will be a lot of fun, so please join me if you can. If you're interested in either class, give Bead Haven a call at 319-247-2323.

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