Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This wasn't even one of the drifts!

I couldn't feel my legs!

My front yard.

The snow was as deep as my snow blower.

Those little boxwood shrubs poking out of the snow are about 2 feet tall.

Well, there's been a lot going on lately, but I thought it was time to get back to the blog because I really missed it. I hope some of you are still checking on it from time to time, or I'll be pretty lonely here! Like I said there's a lot going on these days, some good and some not so good, but there you go.
For days the weather man has been predicting a storm of epic proportions for Southeast Iowa. I generally think meteorologists are great at predicting thunderstorms, but not so great at wintry weather. That being said, I really didn't pay much attention to the predictions. Wow, was I wrong. I've lived in Iowa City for 30 years (yikes!) and There has never been a snow storm like this one here. I actually don't mind snow, in fact I'm one of those weird people who actually like it, but this is crazy! I spent 3 hours outside today with my friend Mr. Snow Blower. It was the best workout I've had in months. It really was pretty too.


Anonymous said...

wow, it's been a crazy winter for some states this year. hope all is well

Suz said...

Glad to see that your snowblower was working...I wasn't sure how they'd do in that much snow. I'm thinking that my tax refund may have to go toward getting one for myself!

Karen Elmquist said...