Monday, September 7, 2009


Paul loves his Hawkeyes.

The House That Nile Kinnick Built.

Half time.

Suz and Me. I look a little crabby don't I? Gary is hiding behind Suzi.


Once again, It's football time. It was pretty hot, so it didn't really feel like football, but still the Hawkeye train rolled on. We had a good time even though the Hawks nearly lost to a great UNI team. They pulled it out in the end by blocking not one, but two attempted field goals by the Panthers in the final second of the game. It was the weirdest finish that a lot of us had ever seen. That's the Hawks for you. It can never be simple. Maybe that's why we love them.
There were some other triumphs during the game besides football victories. There were a few personal technological ones too. Let's just say that I'm not the most technologically capable person out there. I got an Iphone recently and I'm determined to learn to use it to it's full capability. I haven't yet discovered all that this amazing thing can do. During the game I took all of the photos posted here (pretty good for a camera phone, huh?), posted some of them on Facebook, emailed a friend, texted another and surfed the internet for other football scores, all from inside the stadium. The only thing I didn't do was talk on it. It's so loud in there that I wouldn't have been able to hear a thing! Not too bad, if I say so myself. Maybe by the next home game in two weeks I'll post a blog entry from the game.

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