Saturday, September 26, 2009


Iowa 21, Penn State 10

Paul and Suzi and I watched the game tonight at our house. All week long, I had predicted, irrationally I suppose, that the unranked Hawkeyes would win against #5 Penn State. I don't know why. I think they have a lot of heart and drive and some decent talent, but Penn State had the home field advantage and the pre-game buzz was certainly that they would dominate. After the first 3 games that Iowa has played so far, I think they're far better that their unranked status. The game was at the huge, intimidating Beaver Stadium in State College Pennsylvania in truly awful weather. The book makers had Iowa losing by at least 10. Well, that didn't happen. Iowa stunned Penn State by beating them 21-10. I still don't quite believe that it was real. My throat hurts a little from all of the yelling, so I'm pretty sure that it really happened!

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