Saturday, June 27, 2009


This sign points down a narrow space between 2 buildings, behind which is the site of Kirk's future birthplace.

The site of the future farmstead of James T. Kirk's parents.

George Takei, Michelle Nichols, and Walter Koenig were at Trek Fest today to speak and sign autographs. Isn't the longevity of this franchise amazing?

Today, Paul and I went to the new Star Trek movie. Yes, I am that geeky. I really like the whole Star Trek thing and Paul is a huge fan, so it's really surprising that we hadn't gone when it first came out. I was actually afraid that I was going to hate it, since it was a prequel set when the Enterprise crew were really young and no one from the original show was in it, except for Leonard Nimoy. I was wrong! It was so good. It was very entertaining.
Ironically, the the annual Trek Fest in Riverside, Iowa is going on this weekend. Riverside (12 miles south of Iowa City) is the future birthplace of James T. Kirk. They even mention it in the movie. In 1985, Riverside was trying to come up with a new theme for their annual summer festival when one city council member remembered reading in a book by Gene Roddenberry, that Kirk is going to be born in a small town in Iowa in 2228. The council wrote to Roddenberry for permission to be that small town, and he agreed. I guess sometimes all you've gotta do is ask!

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