Sunday, June 7, 2009


The rings I made in Celie's class. The one on the left will have that heat patinated piece of copper in the upper left hand side of the picture riveted to it.

Celie doing a demo. Gail (with the glasses on top of her head), looking less than alert in the background.

Our funny waiter from our last dinner in Milwaukee. The people in Milwaukee are very nice.

Some of my Bead Show Booty. Copper and bronze from Africa, fossils from Madagascar, The large stone is from Australia.

A very large Oolite bead from Australia that I bought from Gary Wilson. I think it's one of the most beautiful stones I've ever seen.

Well, that went by fast. What a week it was! Today I finished up my ring class with Celie Fago. It really was a good class and I was really happy with the results. We walked around the show floor and I bought a few things, though less than last year. I bought lots of interesting one of a kind old, ethnic things to make into necklaces with my new-found bronze chain making skills. I also bought some beautiful stone beads and cabochons from lapidary artist, Gary Wilson from Tucson, Arizona. He has the most interesting and beautifully cut stones that I've ever seen.
Tonight, my friend Anne Mitchell received this year's Excellence in Bead Artistry Award from Bead and Button Magazine. It's quite an honor for her and I'm very happy for her. She's a great teacher and I know that she works very hard. Congratulations, Anne!
We didn't stay too long at the Bead Social (where Anne got her award), as we got there quite late and there was no where to sit so Paul, Gail and I went to the bar at the Hilton. Paul left after a bit, but Gail and I sat there laughing at dumb things until after midnight. We both head home early tomorrow, and I think neither one of us wanted to say good bye. I had so much fun with Gigi, Gail, Anne, Terri, Henriette, and Karen. Such a special group of people and I'll miss you all. You all make me laugh until my sides hurt. I wanted to say a special early Happy Birthday to my friend Gigi. Gigi had a terrible accident earlier this year in which she cut tendons in her ankle. She has had awful luck with complications from her injury for many, many months. A week before the show she still wasn't sure that she was coming to the show. She did come, and I'm so glad. I know that it was a physical challenge for her, but it wouldn't have been the same without her. Gigi es una chica valiente! I'm sure she'll let me know if I said that incorrectly! Home tomorrow!

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Gigi said...

Your spanish is perfect! Thanks for remenber my birthday.