Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The tree service came back yesterday, just a day after they took down the Maple tree, to plant my new tree.  I think the nice guy who owns the service was feeling bad that I felt so bad about losing the tree.  Anyway, they came with a giant tree spade to dig the hole, then they left and came back a half hour later with the new tree.  It was very exciting! Digging the hole with the tree spade took literally five minutes.  If a person had to dig a hole that size, I'm sure that it would have taken the better part of the day.  I think someone should invent a homeowner-sized version of this thing for planting shrubs and really small trees.  I'd definitely buy one.  
The new tree is a 15 year old Sugar Maple and is 25-30 feet tall.  Of course, no where near as large as the old one, but at least it's got a good head start.  Plus, this tree will be much prettier in the fall than the old one, which was a Silver Maple whose leaves just turned yellow in the fall before they fell off.  So, I feel better, at least a little.  Thanks for listening.

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