Thursday, August 6, 2009


Jamie's first resin pieces came out very well. She's too much like me though, she spent a long time getting them just right.

A close up of Jamie's ring.

I think this is my favorite of Jamie's.

Jamie's bottle caps.

Some of the thing's that I made.

More of my resin.

Last Friday my sister Jamie took a day off from work and came over to make things with me in my studio. This is a rare occurrence because Jamie has a hard and stressful job. She's really good at it, but she works way too hard. She has a grown up job, unlike me! We planned to work in the morning and have lunch and then go shopping. We ended up working all day and we didn't even stop for lunch. She spent a lot of time figuring out what she was going to embed in the resin. She picked out some pretty papers and over painted them with acrylic paints and a little sparkly glue. I think they came out great. I hope she'll come again soon. Maybe next time we'll do some acid etching.


Gail said...

Very Cool. I love the heart bezels.

Cristina Leonard said...

Well come on over.

Niki said...

That's awesome that you got to do some work with your sister. I love doing creative projects with people I'm close to. And your pieces look great.

Cristina Leonard said...

Niki, it is fun. I wish she could come more often. I spend too much time in the studio alone!