Sunday, August 23, 2009


Looks like a great studio space doesn't it?

The Bixby Bridge at Big Sur.

Another bridge, whose name I didn't catch. Oh yeah, Paul too.

Big Sur.

Sunset in Cambria.

We started the day in Monterey. We didn't stick around this time to do anything there. There's lots to do there, but we've been there several times before, though a trip to the Aquarium was tempting. We got on the road and stopped in Carmel at a little roadside coffee place that we've stopped at before to pick up supplies. Right next door is a building with a sculpture garden that used to house an art gallery. When we were here the last time, a year and a half ago, it was out of business and for lease. I told Paul then that it'd be a perfect space for a metals studio and a retail jewelry gallery. We sat outside of the coffee place and joked about how we'd have to rob a bank to afford the rent. Well, I think I must not have been far off as it's still for lease after all this time. So, are there any of my wonderful metal or glass artist friends out there who want to form an artist's coop with me? It's nice to dream anyway. I really should call to see how much it is, just for fun or the shock value.
From there, we drove down one of my favorite stretches of the Pacific Coast Highway from Carmel through Big Sur and to the Central Coast town of Cambria. If you've never done this, please try to do it someday. But don't tell anyone else about it please. Let's keep it our little secret! This is a good time of year to go as there aren't too many other people on the road. We drove over several of the 33 beautiful arched bridges on the PCH and stopped at too many vista points to count. We stopped at one of our favorite lunch stop off points, the Lucia Lodge on the Big Sur coast. We drove past the Piedras Blancas Point lighthouse and the Hearst Castle (a must see spectacle!). We ended the day in Cambria, one of my favorite places ever. Cambria is a sweet little town with not a lot to do but with some cute shops and plenty of wonderful places to eat and a beautiful stretch of beach to sit and stare westward for hours from. What more do you need?


Karen Elmquist said...

Beautiful pictures, I hope you are having a good time. I'll buy a lottery ticket, and perhaps we can do the studio/gallery thing, if they allow Canadians.

Cristina Leonard said...

Karen, Carmel is pretty exclusive, but I don't think there are rules prohibiting Canadians! Just poor people. So win that lottery girl!