Friday, August 21, 2009


Julie's golden leaves. I wonder what beautiful, beaded concoction she'll use them in?

I really liked Bonnie's selective use of the gold.

The patina Gods were smiling on David the other night!

Last week I taught a Keum Boo class at Bead Haven. I've been wanting to post the pictures of the work everyone did, but I haven't been feeling too well and hadn't gotten around to it. I'm feeling better now, so here they are. I had never taught this technique before, so I wasn't sure how it would go. It's a technique that I really like, so I was hoping the students would too. It went really well. Julie used the cutest little fondant cutter to make her leaves. David and Bonnie both used the gold judiciously to highlight the texture of their pieces. Both got really beautiful rainbow patinas too. We're doing the class again on September 15th if you'd like to give gold a try!

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Jeanne Craine said...

These are really gorgeous!