Saturday, May 16, 2009


The finished products, left to right, Bonnie's, Margaret's and David's.

Bonnie is so full of enthusiasm.

Margaret wraps her PMC to keep it from drying out.  Good girl!

David made 6 beads for his bracelet.  Check out the giant one he made in the center of his bracelet (in the first photo).

Margaret wore this piece that she made to class today.  I think it turned out really pretty.  I also really like her bead choices.  Well done, Margaret!

I had a good class today at Bead Haven.  We made PMC slide tube bracelets.  This is a new, shortened version of an all day class that I taught last year.  Since we used a rubber cord bracelet for the slide tubes instead of making our own, I decided that we could make it into half day class.  It was down to the wire, but we got it done.  The students made their slide tubes, embellished them and did sanding and finishing work to them.  While they were being fired and tumbled, they textured and hammered the fine silver jump rings that I had made beforehand as spacers for the tubes.  After the pieces were all nice and shiny and hardened, we dipped everything in liver of sulfur to give them a little patina.  A little more elbow grease to polish everything back up and then they assembled everything and voila, the day was over in a flash!  Everyone did so well and with such good spirits.  I kept them hopping and all three really rose to the challenge.  I honestly was impressed.  Thanks to Margaret, David and Bonnie.  I really had a good time!

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