Saturday, November 10, 2012


Early fall has come and gone.  Now it's November.  Hopefully, the cast will come off next week, if all looks well to the surgeon.  I'm more than ready for it to be gone, though I decorated it in a very awesome Hawkeye way!  Funny how the time passed.  I read a lot, sketched a lot, watched movies.  I wish I could say it was fun.  It should have been. After all, who doesn't wish for time to do nothing?  Instead it just felt like losing time.  I think a lot about time at this time of the year.  I always get reflective when the air gets cooler and the days grow shorter.  I think about all of the things that I want to do before I run out of time.  I suppose no one ever really finishes up their list.  It's not yet the New Year, but this year I'm making my resolutions early.  I want to spend my time more wisely.  I want to clear my spaces of stuff that I don't love or need.  I want to do all of this so that when I have time to sit around doing nothing, maybe my mind won't be so occupied by all of the things I should be doing.  As soon as this cast comes off........

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