Thursday, August 30, 2012


Miss Sophie

I've been away for a while.  A few weeks ago Paul and I lost our sweet kitty Sophie.  She was 15, which I know isn't young, but she was really healthy, so the sudden nature of it was a shock.  Losing her has been really hard for us (even our other kitty, Lily), she was a sweet, pure soul, who we'll never forget.
My family has faced a lot of loss the past few years.  It got me thinking about the nature of loss and how we deal with it.  Our lives are shockingly short, though of course it doesn't feel that way when you're young.  We all face loss in our lives, that is if we have anyone or anything worth losing.  Still, we go on accumulating people, pets, things, that surely, we will lose one day.  Seems like lunacy to me.  I had a thought soon after she died that maybe I could put a wall up around myself and never care about anyone again.  I thought maybe I could protect my heart that way.  Of course, that's the real crazy thought, isn't it?  Think of all that I'd really lose if I did that.
So, to honor Sophie and all those that I've loved and lost, I'm trying hard to continue to live with an open heart, even though it gets battered from time to time.


Barb said...

So sorry for your loss. Losing a pet - a true member of your family - is just awful. We've lost two of our dogs in the past few years so I understand. We honored their memory by having small 12x12 portraits painted of our past special 2 and our current special 2. We cherish these portraits like you have no idea. Give your kitty an extra hug for me, as they mourn too. Time heals.

Wendy said...

Oh, I am so sorry! And I know that Lily is mourning her buddy too. You know Chris when I lost my blue point siamsese cat I was heart broken and would not consider another cat. One day someone abandoned a BIG white cat who I name Pinky and of course AI took him inright away!
Well, 5.5 years ago he died from cancer and I got my two bengal kitties right away to fill that hole although each cat I have has a special place in my heart I am so glad I got Bella and Leia right away. They are special crazy girls! Sooo...
there is a bengal rescue group on yahoo...with lots of pure breds being given up as well as lots in the shelter!
Again I am so sorry for your losses!