Friday, May 27, 2011


One of the bracelets I made in Julie's class.

Red Creek Jasper beads.

The second bracelet I made in Julie's class.

Aqua Terra Jasper.

I love these and they were so fun to make.

Alice's buttons.

Pam's funky buttons.

Julie's bronze pieces .

Rose's buttons.

Last Sunday there was a special class at Bead Haven. In the morning, students made bronze buttons with me and in the afternoon they (and me too!) made these wonderful wrapped leather, stone and bronze bracelets with Julie Campbell. I'd never had a chance to take a class with Julie before and she's such a great teacher. Take a class with her if you ever get a chance. These were really easy to make once we got the hang of it. I liked it so much I've made 2 more since the class. Cindi had made kits in advance with everything that we needed including the beautiful stones and bronze buttons by yours truly! I got all of their work fired today (except for Cindi's which I'm doing right now!) and they came out great. I'm always so excited to take their work out of the kiln. I think we may offer this class again in July, so if you didn't get a chance to join us this time, I hope we see you then.

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