Friday, April 8, 2011


This was one big, long-haired Tortie.

There was even a costume competition. My girls would not have enjoyed this.

Some kitties were shy.

Pretty boy.

George was the star of the show. He won many of the show's catagories, mostly because of what a sweetheart he is. He was a very sick boy when he was found. He's been through a lot. He has frozen off ears and only one eye, but I think he's beautiful. The lucky boy now has a happy and safe forever home.

I love the expression on this one's face.

Pretty, long haired Calico.

A couple of weeks ago Paul and my sisters and I went to a cat show in Independence (Iowa) where my sisters live, in the same county where I grew up. It was actually a benefit for a new no-kill shelter that is to be built there. At this point in time there is no shelter there and stray "nuisance animals" are usually put down. I am very excited about this and wanted to try to bring a bit of attention to it. I'm going to put a few pieces of jewelry up in my store in the next couple of days to benefit the shelter which I believe will be built only with donations and grants. If you'd like to help, please contact the contact people listed above (click on the first photo to see the phone numbers larger) or buy a piece of my jewelry on Etsy! Thanks

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Wendy said...

what great cats!! I love the shy boy! looks like a siamese cat, flame point...
so kind of you to donate money to them!