Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Brucemore with a patch of Bee Balm in the foreground.

A shot of one side of my booth.

Before the breeze blew these over!

Suzi making a sale.

Cindi (peeking out from behind a display) and me.

Last Saturday I took part in the Brucemore Garden and Art Show. Brucemore is a beautiful house on 26 acres in the middle of Cedar Rapids, Iowa owned and maintained by the National Trust For Historic Preservation. The setting was beautiful, the weather was perfect and all of the shoppers and Brucemore people were very nice. I had a great show with the help of friends Suzi and Cindi. The day started out weirdly. On our way we were detoured by streets being blocked off by S.W.A.T. Team trucks and Police. We had to circle around a bit to get where we were going. Thankfully, that wasn't an omen of things to come.
Thanks to Suzi for some of the photos which I shamelessly stole off of her Facebook page!

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