Monday, August 2, 2010


The newly revised edition of Sherri Haab's 'The Art Of Metal Clay'.

One of my pieces that is in Sherrie's new book.
Photo by Jonathan Sabin

A few days ago Sherri Haab's new book, 'The Art Of Metal Clay' was released. It is a revised edition of her book by the same name which was originally released in 2003. Last winter Sherri contacted me and asked to use some images of my jewelry in the new edition. Sherri ended up using 3 of my photos in her book. I was so pleased because when I first started teaching metal clay, her book was the one that I really found the most helpful and inspiring. I still recommend her book to my students. There is a lot of new information in the new edition, including the newer bronze and copper clays. Plus there's a DVD with 4 extra projects on it. Check it out here.


Jeanne Craine said...

That is wonderful, Cris! Congratulations! Now,how about your own book?

Karen Elmquist said...