Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Bleeding Hearts, one of my 2 favorite flowers (the other is Fox Glove).

Crab Apple trees by my fountain.

Cats on the porch watching the bird feeder are a sure sign of spring.

The brightest double rainbow I had ever seen, in front of Starbucks (my 2nd home).

Baby Robins in a one of my sister's hanging baskets.

Mr. Toad who lives in the stone wall by Mom and Dad's patio.

Our moss covered fountain in the backyard.

Columbine in my front yard.

Irises, so impossibly pretty.

Lilac, one of the nicest smells on the planet.

Another columbine.

I love spring. It's a little sad this year without my Mom though. Even so, it's so beautiful this time of year. Spring in the Midwest usually starts a little slow and then suddenly bursts forth in color and warm breezes and noisy birds. We are in the height of spring now and I thought I'd share some photos of scenes from my and my Mom and Dad's yard.


Niki said...

Those bleeding hearts look so cool! I've never seen those before! Maybe because I live in the desert in Arizona... lol.

Jeanne Craine said...

I love, love ,love, the lilacs...the deep purple kind!

Cristina Leonard said...

Jeanne, the lilac was a present from Suzi. She gave it to us when we moved in as a house warming present. It's one of the more fragrant ones I've ever smelled.

Niki, you might not have bleeding hearts, but I've never seen a saguaro in Iowa!

Karen Elmquist said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing!