Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sleepy Lily.

Lily and Sophie.

Lily tries to wake up Paul.

Lily had to spend a few days at the veterinarian hospital this week. She was being spayed. We all missed her so much while she was away. The house was so quiet without her. How did this little thing get into my heart so fast? After Max died, I really wasn't sure I had anymore room in my heart for another Kitty besides Sophie. I still miss him so badly, but Lily, who is so different from him (yet alike), does fill a space that I thought was closed off. I really don't understand how people can live without a cat or a dog. She's bouncing around like nothing happened to her!


Wendy said...

She acts so much like my girls. I can't believe Paul slept through all that! When my girls are kneading me there is no sleeping through that! THeir little motors are just going!
Lily has beautiful markings... yep she has some bengal in her blood lines.
I will be at bead and button this year. I signed up for my classes!

Narrative jewelry said...

Thank you to share this video of Lily, she so lovely. Happy to see she is back home.

Cristina Leonard said...

Wendy, Paul could sleep through an earthquake! I think you're right about the Bengal bloodlines too. She is very noisy like a Bengal. We think she's a new breed called Bengali Tiger Monkey.
We'll have to hook up at Bead and Button.

Wendy said...

Bengali Tiger Monkey! That is so cute! Boy, Paul really can sleep cause she is really kneading away! Leia was really bugging me today! I was having a new water heater put in and it must have disturbed her to have all that going on... She just kept on talking away to me... I could not get any work done on my metal clay.. she was right in my lap and she just LOVES the nail files! Bella found a long lost toy and was making all her noises... Yes we will definitely have to hook up at B&B, I am sooo excited!