Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Keum Boo from tonight's class. The 2 rectangles on the left and the dragonfly are mine, the charms on the top center are Nancy's (who got great color with the liver of sulfur tonight), the bracelet links are Pam's (I love the way she highlighted the high spots with the gold), and the rich-looking paisley pendant was done by Alice. Good job ladies!

I drove to Bead Haven this afternoon for a class this evening and it was fall. When I drove home tonight after class it was sleety and blustery and seemed like winter. I don't actually mind. I sort of like winter. I love the snow, fires in the fireplace, soup, and the short days. I love to hole up in my studio with a cat or two sleeping on a chair in the corner and working without the distractions of warm weather. I'm looking forward to getting lots of work done this winter for the Bead Fest show that I'm doing in March in Santa Fe.
My class tonight was on Keum Boo, which is the Korean art of fusing gold to silver. A while back one of my students said she saw the class listed on Bead Haven's website and wanted to know "who's this Keum Boo dude and why is he teaching one of Cris' classes?". This made me laugh hard. Thanks for watching my back Nancy!
The class tonight was fun. This is one of my favorite classes. It's such a cool technique and pretty easy too. I love seeing what everyone comes up with.

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