Saturday, November 8, 2008


Quarterback, Rick Stanzi outrunning a Penn State player

Coach Ferentz speaking earnestly to a referee

The great running back, Shonn Greene

Daniel Murray after kicking the winning field goal

The field, full of fans

The unranked Hawkeye football team upset # 3 ranked Penn State today with a last minute field goal.  It was freezing cold and really windy and one of those games that you will be glad in 20 years that you can say you were at.  Even if you aren't a football fan, if you saw it I think you'd still sense how amazing a victory it was.
I like Penn State and Joe Pa, so I'm sorry that Penn State wont be in contention for the national championship after today, but if someone was going to beat them, I'm glad it was Iowa.  Daniel Murray, who kicked the last second field goal is a local kid and a walk-on player without a scholarship.  Talk about pressure!  He might be a walk-on, but he'll never have to buy his own beer ever again in Iowa City.

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Anne E. Mitchell said...

I am sure that you both had a great day yesterday!